The Bluff Church encourages those who are a part of our church family to follow the Biblical model of giving cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7). Contributing financially to the work of the church out of our “first fruits” is an acknowledgment that all that we have is given to us by God and is to be used for his purposes (Matthew 25:14-30). It is an expression of worship in response to all that God has done in our lives.


* Mobile and Electronic Donations
You can give online directly from a checking or savings account , debit card, or credit card from your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer.  (click the button above)**

*Recurring Gifts
The electronic donation tool (click the "Give Online" button above) allows givers to schedule regular contributions. After you select your method and amount of donation, choose a frequency for your gift-- weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, etc.

*Weekend Worship Services
Place gifts in the offering buckets during worship services.

*Mailing Contributions
If mailing your contribution is more convenient, send it to
The Bluff Church
2781 N. Westwood Blvd.
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

**We encourage you not to use credit cards unless you plan to pay off your card in full each month as we do not want to contribute to anyone going into debt to fund the ministries of The Bluff Church

The Bluff Church




Privacy Policy for Donations to The Bluff Church

1. The Bluff Church does not store or have access to any information regarding debit or credit cards used in giving online.
2. The Bluff Church does not sell or otherwise share ANY of its donor information, including, but not limited to giving records, to any person, organization or entity.