Elders in The Bluff Church


The Bluff is an elder-led church. We believe this is the biblical model of leadership for the church.

Here are our latest candidates for elders at The Bluff:

Andy Moore

Steve Keith

Brent Wlodarcik

Bret Trostel and Doug Morris have served as Elders for several years now. Here are their stories:

In addition to these great guys, our Elder board is made up of , Andy Luke, and Co-Pastor Dave Elledge.

The video below is from the message that former Co-Pastor Doug Osborn preached back in 2013, when we first ordained elders in our church. It explains the biblical reason for elders in the church and their function.

The Board of Elders of The Bluff Church

The Board of Elders is comprised of at least 3 men, including the Co-Pastors. The Co-Pastors are permanent members of the board of Board of Elders.

The Purpose of the Board of Elders

·   The Board of Elders function primarily as discerners of doctrine and guardians of the vision of the organization.

·   They are not expected to oversee specific projects or ministry areas in their capacity as board members.

·   They function as overseers for the entire organization.

·   The board members evaluate the effectiveness and direction of the organization according to three criteria:

1. The organization’s vision (“To be a church for people who have given up on church”) and mission (“Love God, Love People”)

2. The organization’s resources.

3. The organization’s doctrine:

·   The Board of Elders does not determine programming. This responsibility falls to the executive staff. However, the Board is responsible for evaluating programming based on its appropriateness and effectiveness in furthering the overall mission of The Bluff Church

·   The Board of Elders will meet at least quarterly.


The Authority of the Board of Elders

·   For all practical purposes, the Board of Elders has final say in any and all matters concerning the overall direction of the organization.

·   Unless otherwise specified in this document, anything voted on by the Board of Elders requires a two-thirds majority of all in attendance in order to pass. A quorum of two-third of the members must be present and voting at the time any vote is taken. 

·   Each member of the Board of Elders has one vote in all matters.

·   There are four decisions that the Board of Elders may not make without church approval at a church business meeting.

1.    The Board of Elders may not appoint a new Lead Pastor.

2.    The Board of Elders may not approve debt for the organization in excess of one twelfth of the previous year’s annual operating budget.

3.    The Board of Elders cannot change or establish the denominational affiliation of The Bluff Church.

4.    The Board of Elders may not change the Articles of Incorporation, or the Constitution.


The Qualifications of a Board of Elders Member

·   A Board of Elders candidate must have been a regular attender of The Bluff Church for at least two years prior to their selection to the Board.

·   A candidate must fully subscribe to the church’s vision, mission, and core values.

·   A candidate must actively support the church by giving, serving, and living:

o   Giving:  Candidates must be regular in their giving to the church.

o   Serving: Candidates must be a part of a service team at The Bluff Church for at least one year.

o   Living:  Candidates must be a part of community group or a class that meets on a regular basis.

·   All elders are required to meet the qualifications for elder/overseer as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9.


The Selection of Board of Elder Members

·   At a time as set by the Board of Elders,  the Board will select members necessary to meet at least the minimum number of Board members.

·   New Board of Elders members are selected by the then-current Board of Elders.

·   Board of Elders members, other than the Co-Pastors, serves one three-year term. Board members are required to rotate off for one year before becoming eligible for another term.