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Christmas and movies...for many of us they are intertwined.  Many people love the holiday movies, whether it's a big Hollywood production, a Christmas classic from years gone by, or the seemingly endless string of holiday movies on "The Hallmark Channel" or "Lifetime".

During December we are going to use some of these Christmas movies as the backdrop for a message series on Christmas called "Christmas At The Movies".  Each Sunday we will look at a holiday classic and parallel the story to biblical story of Christmas.

It will be a lot of fun and we hope that you will join us during December for "Christmas At The Movies"...Sundays mornings at 10:27 AM, at the Poplar Bluff Holiday Inn.

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You are invited to help us unwrap Christmas this year.  On Sunday evening, December 21, The Bluff Church will host its annual Christmas service.  "Christmas Unwrapped" will be a fun, engaging, interactive, and heart-felt evening of Christmas cheer.  You will experience some of the elements that make up the Christmas experience for people and share how Christmas has impacted their lives.  You will laugh and sing and maybe even shed a tear, but we guarantee that you will have a great time unwrapping Christmas with us.

The Bluff Church

If you are planning to do holiday shopping on Amazon this year, please remember to use Amazon Smile and help The Bluff Church.  If you will enter the Amazon site through our Amazon Smile portal, a percentage of your purchases will be donated back to the church.

Relentless youth ministry is sponsoring a dodgeball tournament on Sunday, January 25, at the Ozark Fitness Sportsplex.

On Sunday, September 14, we celebrated four years since our church launched.  The slideshow above is a glimpse at some of the people and events that have marked these amazing four years.