"And they lived happily ever after..."

It's a great way to end a child's story book, unfortunately it is not the way the story goes for many couples these days.  A relationship that started out so promisingly after a while seems to be anything but "happily ever after". So what do you do?

We invite you to come explore with us what it means to have a marriage that is worth fighting for.  During the month of February we'll be talking about marriage every Sunday.

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 Married Life Night Out is brand new for us here at The Bluff. At Married Life Night Out couples will experience a fun, intentional date-night experience centered around practical ideas that will encourage you to laugh about the past, talk about the present, and dream about the future. 

Cost is $10 per couple ($5 for singles) which includes dessert and coffee, plus 90 minutes of fun, interaction, and growth as a couple.

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