Why another church?

That's the same question we asked, "Why another church?"

As we began to sense God calling us to start a new church in Poplar Bluff back in 2010, we really questioned if another church was needed.  There are well over 120 churches in and around our community, many doing good work. So why start another church?

We began The Bluff Church because we believed Poplar Bluff needed a different kind of church with a vision  to be a church for people who had given up on church.  We dreamed that it would be a place...a family, really.. where no matter what your background or baggage you would be welcome.  Because we know that in a family you are loved, no matter what you have done, and that there is always a place for you at the table.

So with a group of 23 people in 2010, we began The Bluff Church.  Our goal was to create an environment where anyone would feel welcome and wanted.  A place, kind of like the TV show "Cheers", used to say..."where everyone knows your name."  Along the way we have not gotten everything right, but we are always striving to be a family that loves God and loves people...imperfect, full-of-warts people.

We believe there will always be a place for a church like that...so that's why another church.