In the spring of 2010, Doug Osborn and Dave Elledge began to talk and pray about planting a new church in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.  They knew that Poplar Bluff didn’t need another church, but perhaps it needed a different kind of church. So they, along with their wives, began meeting and praying about the vision that God had planted in their hearts. The name of the new church was determined to be The Bluff Church. 

In the summer of 2010 they began to meet with a small group of about 23 people who had a similar vision for Poplar Bluff. 

In August 2010, they held their first meetings and worship services while continuing lay the framework for the launch of the new church.  During this time the Poplar Bluff Holiday Inn agreed to be the home for The Bluff Church.    

On September 12, 2010, with a vision to be a church for people who have given up on church, and through the time and sacrificial giving of the core group, The Bluff Church launched.  Our mission is to simply Love God & Love People.   Church can get really complicated.  Our belief is that it should be simple.  Concentrate on the important stuff and don’t make it hard for people to fit in.    

We invite you to join us and see that a church can be a place where you do belong.

In July 2018, one of our founding Co-Pastors, Doug Osborn, moved to another ministry in Orlando, Florida. Then in October 2018 we called Darin Kleeman as our interim Co-Pastor.


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