First of all, Thank You!  We appreciate you taking the time to even explore our website and find out a little more about the church and who we are.  We know time is a premium these days and the fact that you have paused to check us out is not lost on us. So thank you!

What can you expect if you show up at The Bluff Church some Sunday? Well here is our expectation of how you experience will go:

  • You will be warmly greeted.  We put a high premium on making sure that you know that we are genuinely excited that you came!
  • We dress casually. That means most people are in jeans, a comfy shirt, and whatever footwear the season calls for. 
  • We have a Host Team that will be available to answer any questions you may have.  You will know them by their blue name tags.
  • There will be a cup of coffee or a glass of water ready for you.  
  • The service will last 60- 70 minutes.  
  • We will sing, share some information, dismiss kids to go to BluffKids , take up an offering (no pressure), and hear a practical message about how Jesus can change your life, sing again, and then head home.
  • Our music runs the gamut from fast to slow and contemplative, and every week is a little different.  We sing songs from artists like Chris Tomlin, Passion, Hillsong United, Bethel, Matt Redman, and Elevation Church.  
  • For preschoolers (birth to 4 years) we have some folks who will make their time at The Bluff enjoyable.
  • For kids (Pre-K to 4th grade) we have BluffKids, a fun time of learning that keeps them moving.
  • We expect that at the end of your morning at The Bluff that you'll know we were excited that you came and that you know that we hope to see you back next Sunday!


If you'd like to know more... 

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