42 Day Challenge

Yesterday (May 4), in the second message of our "Reset" series, we issued a 42 Day Challenge for people to spend time in the Bible every day.  During the message Doug talked about our need to jump into God's Word and allow it to penetrate our hearts.  If you missed the message you can watch or listen here.

In his message, Doug encouraged us to do the following with the Bible:

1.    Read it
   a.    Get a plan 
   b.    Get a translation you understand.
2.    Meditate upon it:
   a.    Meditate: think about, ponder 
   b.    Put it on a card and read it over and over
   c.    Ask what does it say about God and You
3.    Memorize it:
   a.    Hiding God’s word in your heart
4.    Respond to it:
   a.    Put it into practice.
   b.    Not just a hearer of the word but a doer.

We hope you'll join us for these 42 days and get into the Bible.

You can find the verse of the 42 Day Challenge by clicking here.  We'll also be posting the daily verse on our Facebook page each day.