A Church For People Who Have Given Up On Church

We believe there are a lot of people in the Poplar Bluff area who have just given up on the idea of church...whether it is the person who has never been to church and gave up before they ever even tried it....or the person who has been to church, but was hurt and gave up...or even the person who has been sitting in a pew somewhere and thought to themselves, “There must be something more to it than this”... And we believe the vision for our church is to be a place where those people find a warm, welcoming environment, in which they can encounter the love of Jesus that has changed our lives.

Our Mission:

Love God, Love People

We believe that the mision of our church is pretty simple, we are to love God and love people.  Luke 10:27 says, "He (Jesus) answered: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”  



Simple & Strategic

Our belief is that church should be simple.  Concentrate on the important stuff and don’t make it hard for people to fit in.  The tendency for any organization, including churches, is to grow more complex over time. In an effort to resist this tendency, our church will always value simplicity in programming and strategy. 

In order to keep things simple, we have limited our programming to these five areas: 
•    Worship 
•    Community Groups 
•    Students  
•    Children/Preschoolers 
•    Missions 

We also believe that all we do as a church should be strategic in moving us toward achieving our mission and vision.  We concentrate on those things that help us be the church God has commisioned us to be.