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Circles are better than Rows

If you have been around the church very long you have heard someone say, "Circles are better than rows."  That means that while gathering to worship is wonderful and important, we believe that people grow more in their walk with Jesus when they are actively involved in a small group.  We believe that having a small group of believers who "do life" with you is vital to your spiritual growth.

Through September 17, we are signing up for 242 Groups.  Below you will find a list of our groups.  By clicking on any of the groups you will be taken to the sign-up page for that group.  Each listing shows the day, time, and group leader, and group type.  When you click on the sign-up links you can find more information about the group.

Please note that space is limited in all groups.


Sundays 6:00 PM - Bret Trostel - Coed

Sundays 6:00 PM - Dave & Luann Elledge - Coed

Monday 6:30 PM - Doug Osborn - Men's

Tuesday 6:00 PM - Tim Gaebler - Coed

Tuesday 6:00 PM - Bret Trostel - Men's

Tuesday 6:00 PM - Jeannie Wlodarcik - Women's

Tuesday 6:00 PM - Maria Francisco - Women's

Tuesday 6:30 PM - Sonya Osborn - Women's

Tuesday 6:30 PM - Krissy Foust - Women's

Tuesday 6:30 PM - Brandon & Lyndsee Moon - Coed (Young Adults)

Wednesdays 12:00 PM - Steve Hager - Men's

Wednesday 6:30 PM - Doug Morris - Coed

Thursday 10:00 AM - Doug Morris - Coed (Senior Adults)

Thursday 6:00 PM - Carol Inman - Coed (Painting/Bible Study)

TBD - David & Vivian Crites - Coed (College Age Young Adults)