Every Sunday our kindergarten through 4th graders gather for a fun and interactive time to learn about God's truth. Our goal is for kids to know that Jesus loves them, wants others to know about him, and desires for  us to obey him. We learn these truths in all kinds of  ways each week and by using everything from board games and videos to animals and skits to relate to the kids in a way that is relevant and engaging.  We learn Bible verses through creative activities like using motions to help them remember. 

We use small group time each week so the children can discuss the lesson with a leader. This helps build relationships and allows time to talk more deeply about  the Bible lesson for that day.  At BluffKids we really want kids to understand what is being taught and then help them make  application of that truth in their daily lives. 

We invite you to join us every Sunday for BluffKids
Three Rivers Room, Poplar Bluff Holiday Inn
Kids are dismissed from the worship gathering.

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